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Telecom Audit  Nashville | Telecommunications Audits | Telecom Cost Management

Telecom Audit Nashville  | Telecom Auditing  - No Upfront Charges

We are the industry leader in telecom audits and telecom cost management.
Call 615.871.4601 for a telecom audit consultation in the Nashville area.

A telecom audit is too important to your bottom line to ignore. Businesses strategize, streamline and restructure all in the name of growth and increased profits. Yet, all too often, reduction of your telecom expenses, which is a significant expenditure, is often overlooked. We assist businesses in all types of industries with our contingency based telecom audits. We understand the complexities, regulations and advances that are simply a part of the telecom industry. Our team can use our knowledge and technology to your advantage. Let us help you  maximizing your company profits and telecom services. You need to partner with a telecom auditing firm that has a verifiable track record like we do. GSI has helped companies with telecom audits in Nashville and throughout Tennessee for years.

Telecom services and costs are always changing and often not for the better. CFO’s, regional managers, corporate accountants and business owners may try to take on the challenge of reducing telecom costs, but rarely have the time or resources necessary. This growing challenge is one that we welcome. We come up with effective solutions that allow you to reap the financial rewards without any of the stress.

Controlling telecom expenses is what we do best! Global Solutions, Inc. (GSI) has been conducting successful telecom audits since 1992. Our certified telecom auditors have the work ethic, creative thinking and multi-tasking skills to solve your telecom woes. They will sort through the piles of phone bills, vague charges and mounting fees that are common occurrences on phone bills. We also utilize our telecom audit software (Bill Genie) in our telecom auditing process.

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Telecom Audit Nashville | Telecommunications Audits | Telecom Auditing

Telecom bills are routinely full of errors and inconsistencies, that if left unchecked can cost your company thousands of dollars. Our thorough telecom auditing is effective in cutting your costs, while bolstering your profits. We are a leader in telecom cost management in Nashville, as well as the state of Tennessee.

An “audit” includes any telecommunications audit and wireless services audit.  Typically for most clients this includes:  local service, long distance, toll free, wireless, teleconferencing, web conferencing, and data services. Our telecom audit will also include charges for telephone and equipment maintenance. Our telecom consultants review your telecom bills for errors and report back with savings and refund opportunities.  Upon approvals, GSI then implements and validates savings.  Our telecom audit services are provided on a contingency basis. There are no up front fees or charges.  Business is earned by finding you savings.  We specialize in comprehensive telecom auditing .

Contact Our Nashville Office at 615.871.4601 for More Information.

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