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TEM | Telecom Expense Management | Wireless Expense Management

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TEM | Telecom Expense Management

Our Telecom Expense Management  (TEM) Leads To REAL Savings

We specialize in telecommunication expense management and telecom cost reduction.

Telecom Expense Management Company

We are a true leader in the telecom expense management industry.  GSI's web-based TEM software tool, Bill Genie, helps companies achieve total control over telecom expenses resulting in telecom expense reduction.

Businesses struggle just to keep up with the number of telecom invoices they receive and process every month, not to mention not having the internal expertise and time to verify the accuracy of every bill. Most businesses are bleeding all over the place in lost revenue due to lack of control of expenses, and they don't even know it. This is why telecommunications expense management is so critical to your business’s bottom line.

GSI’s niche in the TEM industry is coupling the great technology behind Bill Genie, our telecom expense management software, with GSI’s experienced account managers who help validate billing, implement savings, and manage other functions of day to day telecom and wireless management.  This creates a much higher ROI for clients instead of simply throwing software alone at the problem.  This maximizes cost reduction is maximized.

It is a well known industry fact that uncovering a billing error is only 20% of the work.  The other 80% of the work goes into chasing down every penny from vendors, fixing it, and proving it has been reconciled.  That's why GSI believes both catching the error, and implementing are necessary.  Our telecom consulting and telecom expense management services are extremely comprehensive and truly second to none.

Bill Genie Benefits: 

  • Telecom cost reduction
  • Total control of telecom financial management
  • Visibility and cost accountability
  • Reconciliation by GSI of any overcharges
  • Efficiency
  • Telecom Bill Consolidation
  • Reduce check expenses
  • Avoid duplicate bill payment and late fees
  • Savings and Refund tracking
  • Wireless management bolt on capability
  • Streamline A/P Ledger and bill payment processes
  • Virtual Contract Manager
  • Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACD) management tool
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Why you should consider outsourcing your telecom expense management to GSI?
GSI has a high level of accountability and track record of proven results in the telecom cost management industry. GSI believes effective, efficient telecommunications expense management can only occur after the client's infrastructure has been purged of mistakes and positioned for optimal cost savings. Therefore, while setting up service, GSI will examine the entire infrastructure for potential billing errors and service issues.  If GSI identifies any recommendable changes that will result in savings, with approval, GSI will implement these changes at no additional charge.

What is Telecom Expense Management Exactly?

Telecom Expense Management or TEM refers to managing your telephone, mobile, and data services with a focus on long term cost reduction and service optimization.  Partnering with professional TEM consultants and utilizing professional software can make this process more effective and efficient. Important aspects of telecom expense management include, review of all telecom bills, contract reviews, vendor negotiations and bill error corrections. 

Telecom expense management services should result in a transparent and advantageous view of your entire communications environment. Identifying areas for improvement, areas of vulnerability and important spend patterns can help your business save money on your expenses long term.

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