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Telecom Contract Management | Telecommunications Contract Negotiation

Telecommunications Contracts & RFPs

We Offer Expert Telecom Contract Management & Telecom Contract Negotiation.

GSI specializes in the analysis and negotiation or re-negotiation of telecommunication & wireless contracts. We are experts at telecom contract negotiation. GSI will evaluate and scorecard existing contracts to determine savings opportunities.  GSI team members have negotiated thousands of contracts on both sides of the carrier/client table.  This coupled with extensive deals in process on a daily basis will add significant value to any contract initiative. 

Telecom Contract Negotiation | Telecommunications Contract Management

Analyze and Manage Telecom Contracts
Part of our telecom contract management includes analysis of existing telecom contracts to determine the quality of the current deal in place, or if there is room for improvement based on the current marketplace is an initial first step.

GSI manages any Request for Proposal (RFP) so that all prospective candidates to supply services provide their contract and pricing information in a similar format for greater ease in evaluating the differences, and to identify numerous cost savings opportunities. GSI will direct or assist in the selection and procurement processes, as well as managing the implementation and configuration of the network.

Request for Proposal
If you have ever had the need to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for any major service that your company has had to buy or purchase, then you know the nightmares associated with that process, and you have probably done everything you could possibly do to avoid that “experience” in the future. It takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to complete that journey and do it properly.  GSI’s team can help from start to finish ensuring a successful experience.

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