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TEM | Telecom Expense Management | Wireless Expense Management

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TEM | Telecom Expense Management | Healthcare Expense Management

GSI Offers Real, Verifiable Results With Our TEM Services

Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) & Healthcare Cost Reduction

Over the past 20 years GSI has helped clients save an average of 26% through telecom auditing, telecom contract management, and telecommunications expense management.  GSI helps clients in a wide array of industries, but the most common themes are companies with complex services, the mere complexity of a footprint with hundreds or thousands of locations, or vast number of invoices.

Our telecom expense management gains in importance as businesses see that the increase in cost per employee encompasses everything from Internet access, local dial tone services, long distance, wireless, and wide area data networking. Rising almost as fast as the costs per employee is the level of complexity associated with the procurement, contracting, invoice management and payment processing  of these services.  Organizations have realized that the critical functions needed to gain financial control over these expenses typically do not reside internally and turn to GSI to implement these processes.  In order to fully serve our clients, we offer more than just telecom audits and telecommunications expense management.

Healthcare Cost Reduction

Healthcare Cost Reduction:
As costs spiral ever higher for today’s healthcare organizations, sound financial management is critical to their success. GSI works with our clients to cure unhealthy expenses while improving outcomes and service levels and look for strategic supply chain solutions that deliver bottom-line results.  We understand the importance of managing the business of the medical practice while maintaining quality patient care.  GSI’s value proposition to help healthcare organizations invest more in their core business and less in their vendor management, through our expense reduction services.  GSI has extensive experience in working with National billion dollar hospital groups, individual hospitals, as well as dialysis clinics, radiology groups, renal care groups, orthopedic, as well as a wide variety of other niche healthcare practices.

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