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Telecom Audit  Birmingham | Telecommunications Audits | Telecom Cost Management

Telecom Audit Birmingham  | Telecom Auditing  - No Upfront Charges

We are the industry leader in telecom audits and telecom cost management.
Call 205.208.1690 for a telecom audit consultation in the Birmingham area.

A telecom audit by GSI can save your company significant money. We know lots of TEM companies promise big savings, but not many of them have a track record of success like GSI does. We have verifiable savings of over a million dollars for our clients. Our comprehensive, contingency based telecom audits are highly efficient and designed to maximize savings. We understand the extreme importance of your wireless, e-mail, internet and other telecom services. This is why we never ask you to compromise on the level of service you should expect from your carriers. We just help you get the most our of your services and pay as little as possible for them. We work with all types of companies in Birmingham and throughout Alabama conducting professional telecom audits that save our clients revenue. 

There are always to new fees, services and add-ons that telecom carriers seem to send our way. At GSI, we understand the ins and outs of the industry and know exactly what to look for in an audit. You can leave all the tough stuff to us. We carefully address every aspect of your telecom bills from inventory to usage patterns. Our TEM consultants are meticulous to say the least. We know how to help you keep more of your company profits and will do just that. 

Trying to sort through endless telecom bills and service options can be too much to handle in-house.  With our years of real-world experience, we will help you fight the tide of rising telecom expenses while still getting the most out of your contracts. We also utilize effective telecom audit software in our process. Give us a call today to discuss how we can start saving your company money long term.

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Telecom Audit Birmingham | Telecommunications Audits | Telecom Auditing

Telecom bills are routinely full of errors and inconsistencies, that if left unchecked can cost your company thousands of dollars. Our thorough telecom auditing is effective in cutting your costs, while bolstering your profits. We are a leader in telecom cost management in Birmingham, as well as the state of Alabama.

An “audit” includes any telecommunications audit and wireless services audit.  Typically for most clients this includes:  local service, long distance, toll free, wireless, teleconferencing, web conferencing, and data services. Our telecom audit will also include charges for telephone and equipment maintenance. Our telecom consultants review your telecom bills for errors and report back with savings and refund opportunities.  Upon approvals, GSI then implements and validates savings.  Our telecom audit services are provided on a contingency basis. There are no up front fees or charges.  Business is earned by finding you savings.  We specialize in comprehensive telecom auditing .

Contact Our Birmingham Office at 205.208.1690 for More Information.

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